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To be the Professional Technology Service Provider;Offering The optimized application to customers.


  1. DIC is diversified in 3 complementary areas: (A) Sales Representative - Dedicated to marketing and technology integration support services, (B) DIC is a leading OEM Business Representative of process equipment and materials for semiconductor, flat panel display, and optoelectronics industries. ,(C)DI water,installation
  2. Implementing the business strategy of technology localization, DIC's marketing experience and technical competence enable the OEM capability of the equipment for the principals as well as related spare parts to provide a more extensive service network to individual customers.
  3. DIC recognizes the key to success and continued growth is to be competitive anywhere. The company continuously contributes to Innovativeapplication for semiconductor, flat panel and medical equipment.
  4. Caring for employees and shareholders, DIC's achievement is guided by the principles of "Innovate demand new creation "With the dynamic professionals and efficient teamwork, DIC enhances the corporate value the customers 'benefit, and employees' benefits as well.
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