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Founded by Mr. Jack Lee in 2004, Demand International Corp.(DIC) is committed to be the professional technology service provider dedicated to marketing and technology integration services

DIC's business is diversified in three segments: the Representative business of advanced process equipment and raw materials for the hi-tech industry, DIC fully supports the development of semiconductor, flat panel display and optoelectronics, and OPTO Testing as well as biotech industries

Under the leadership of Mr.Jack Lee and President David Lung,our team of talented professionals delivers the innovative technology and extensive service to satisfy the customers'demands with Optimiz ed application and cost

DIC provides an extensive service network. The business scope covers. Material inspection, consumable spare parts, DI water, and the device of, waste water treatment systems,with cost savingand environmental protection,etc

Our major prodoots included,Filter,MFC,Valve,gauge,Scale,ITO Etchant,detergent, special chemical,Antiscale Device,phosphor,etc

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